Chemical Health Assessments

We provide unbiased, fair chemical health assessments to evaluate your personal involvement with alcohol and/or drugs and then if appropriate, provide recommendations regarding follow up care. A chemical health assessment can be referred to as a chemical health evaluation, chemical use assessment, alcohol assessment, or even a DWI/DUI Assessment.

Convenient HIPAA compliant telehealth video conferencing is now available for all assessment services.



Chemical Health Assessments

You may have been advised or required complete a chemical health evaluation if you have been:

  • Arrested or convicted of a DUI / DWI
  • Involved in a court case where substance use may be an issue (child custody, divorce, child custody, domestic charges, felony charges, or personal injury)
  • In a situation at work or school where substance use may be a concern
  • Concerned about your own personal use of alcohol or chemical substances

A chemical health assessment may be a requirement by the Department of Motor Vehicles as part of your license reinstatement process.

Components of a Chemical Health Assessment

  • A chemical health evaluation consists of collecting biological, social, psychological and historical personal data. This information is gathered through interviews and diagnostic screening materials.
  • The data is analyzed to determine your personal level of involvement concerning alcohol use and/or other chemical substances. This assessment is used by the evaluator to determine formal recommendations.
  • A chemical health assessment contains confidential information. This information is only released to third parties after the individual has provided his/her consent by signing a release of information form.

Why Work With Us?

We work for you, supporting you and we bring years of experience to help you with your situation.

Whether you need a assessment for a court hearing, probation requirement, personal issue or license reinstatement, we can help.

We provide unbiased and objective chemical health assessments conducted by licensed, accredited evaluators.


Questions about our services

Questions about our services?

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