Anger / Domestic Abuse Assessments

Do you need an anger or domestic abuse evaluation for court or for an employer? Divorce or child custody issues regarding anger? Personal concerns about how you deal with anger?

Convenient HIPAA compliant telehealth video conferencing is now available for all assessment services.


Anger is everywhere in our society and has become a growth industry, spreading from person to person. Uncontrolled anger can result in disruption of one’s personal life and others, resulting in domestic violence, spousal abuse, road rage, and professional and personal conflicts. It’s also damaging to one’s health and well-being and can lead to other destructive or unhealthy behaviors.Angry_Driver

Completing an anger assessment is the first step towards managing your anger.

The information during the assessment can provide awareness on how one chooses to react in different situations.

One of the founders of Gestalt, Fritz Perls said that “awareness in and of itself is curative”.  Becoming aware of how you respond and use anger can help you make some initial positive changes in your life.

Components of an Anger/Domestic Abuse Assessment

DurAssessing Angering the anger/domestic abuse assessment, clients are asked to answer questions relating to different situations and how they would respond. The anger assessment evaluates the level of anger the client experiences in responding to these situations.

The evaluation also screens for aggression. We then assess if the reported responses are appropriate for each situation and the extend the client could potentially cause harm to others or himself/herself. Harm does not necessarily mean physical abuse. Harm could be emotional, financial or even the physical damage to oneself due to the habitual stress incurred.

Following the assessment, the client is provided with the results of the evaluation. If further help is recommended, a referral and resources are provided such as anger management classes or therapy.

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