About Us

Access Behavior Change is a division of Rehab Continuums, Inc.

We believe in the philosophy that people can change their lives by changing their thoughts.  We help people identify thought and behavior patterns which might be detrimental to their well-being and the well-being of others.

Many use our services out of a personal concern and others come to us because of a court or employment requirement and some are looking to reinstate their driver’s license.

We provide private chemical health assessments and anger assessments and include referrals when appropriate for:

  • for DWI/DUI, domestic charges, custody issues, divorce, felony charges and personal injury.
  • for employees when there is a concern at the workplace.
  • for students when an education institution has a concern about the welfare of a student

We offer classes for DUI / DWI Offenders, Underage Drinking Offenders and those in need of an alcohol awareness class.

  • One Day DUI / Alcohol and Drug Awareness class (commonly referred to as a Level I class) designed for first time DWI offenders with a low BAC.
  • Driving With Care Classes for repeat DWI offenders, those with a high arrest BAC, or where the courts or probation have required a client to attend a Driving With Care program.

Contact us at 612-282-5576 for additional information.

Mailing Address:
7040 Lakeland Ave. N, Suite 203
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428